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Doludizgin Creative Films is proud of creating new approaches in every area of filmmaking from feature films to documentaries. Sometimes we take an idea for brainstorming a new project and the idea goes beyond it and it creates a unique concept. This is what we call “a special project”.

Our special project is Quran Films. First time in History, in the Ramadan of 2008, we produced 30 Quran Movies for 30 verses in Quran. All these films were made with the highest cinema technology, the first and the last in 35mm pellicule for Quran Verses with the aid of revolutionary techniques and style.

These films, designed by us, shaped and approved by Prof. Mehmet Görmez, Director of the Religious Affairs, aim only to intensify Quran Readings and simplify to reach Quran.

In our decade, a new term; screen-age is been used instead to define teenage. In such era, we are aware that the main idea should offer a new and modern approach for the young generation allowing them to read Quran easily and directing them to the Sacred Book.

In our webpage for this very special project, you can get the details of our contribution system to develop it for the better.

In this webpage, we open a forum to discuss and get feedback of our approach to improve and develop it for the better. The entire concept will be shaped around information accumulated, the contemporary situation of the Quran Movies and discussion platforms of its future films.

Our progress will continue on sponsorship basis that will allow these films to be shot under the slogan “Contribute Quran Movies” as well as encouraging the young generation to shoot their own with our slogan “You can also shoot a Quran Movie!”


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