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Doludizgin Creative Films looks for innovations in filmic narration, to create new visual ideas and to invent methods of new artistic styles. Monumental buildings represent the architectural art in their forms and we enjoy putting our sign to filming what it feels.

"In the blink of an eye, you can tell a legend."

Construction Filming Principle
Constructions are our expertise. Years of experience in the field supported with our R&D capabilities expanded our perspective in mega-structures filmmaking. Since the first occasion, when we asked ourselves in what capacity would we be able to offer life to movies of structures, by what means would we be able to present this in visual methods? Our expertise in advertisement industry led us to bring together our commercial experience into this journey.

Power of commercial shots merged together with the narrative of a feature-length film which creates an amazing aesthetic that is compatible both in filmic and architectural means. Thus, the ultimate problem of the construction films; the greatest handicap of filmmakers in such films; being boring and uninteresting, is abolished. The monument is a piece of art. Therefore, through our approach, it becomes a unique journey for the audience and the film becomes an art, one with the building itself. Constructing buildings is symbolic that it is the story of overcoming obstacles, to meet the needs and a tough challenge. Therefore, transforming such act into visual field should be that symbolic as well.

This journey requires information: the information that will lead us finding the soul. We are researching not only the primary features of the construction but all its features; the geography, climate, design, area conditions, hinderances, challenges, life-styles, social environment, language, workers, cables, cement, marble and all mechanics. The accumulated data of our researches are processed in creative meetings and then discussed with our client to be perfected. Therefore, our journey to discover the soul begins. In order to visualize this soul, we brought a unique new idea, principles of construction filming.

Such films must answer two fundamental questions: WHY and HOW? This is the reason we focused on these two extremely significant questions, which distinguishes us from other filmmakers in the field. Two questions looking for the response of both: the BODY and the SOUL. The whole film should be shaped around these two questions.

Some buildings are planned to be monuments, some to carry out a political statement but a few of them are meaningful by only their existence. They shape environment, cultures emerge through them and they let civilizations rise. Therefore we created a concept of two questions: Why a building is being built and in which conditions? Overcoming obstacles and challenges do have a significance only if the questions “Why” and “How” are answered.

We experienced that what you do not see has a greater effect than what you actually see. We set ourselves into a journey to discover the architectural mind, and therefore we found how to picture the soul.



Doludizgin Creative Films proudly announces to produce “Building the Holy Mosque.”

The Project of KSA Ministry of Finance; the third Saudi Expansion; the extension of Masjid al Haram; “The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Project for Haram Expansion and Its Elements.”

By the order of King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud; a paramount construction began in Masjid al Haram, which will convert the holy area in service of Allah’s visitors with a vision of the future.

This is the biggest construction rising in the world, a turning point in urbanism, transforming the whole city into a modern day capital, connecting all city services into one heart: The Holy Kaaba.

Doludizgin Creative Films, for the first time in the world, in the biggest temple of Earth, performing a shooting with 33 cameras simultaneously, using all the benefit of the technology and furthermore tries to improve it when required. Tens of people who are working for both the production and the post production stages of the film are already looking for creating remarkable developments foreseeing decades after.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art"

Starting in 2012, we are delighted to begin shooting 3D and IMAX in the holy area. First time in such an important area, people will feel the ultra advanced technology of movie making. Our main motive and inspiration was derived from the very first feeling of touching the soul of the building. Finally, using the ultimate technology, with a brand new approach of filming and a revolutionary spirit, we will accomplish to present a film that is touching hearts.



DDCF proudly announces the start of filming the New Port of Qatar. As the first big step of Qatar’s National Vision of 2030, world’s largest greenfield port-development project, DDCF has been selected to shoot the movie of the construction of this mega harbor among world’s top ranking companies, responsible for filming, advertisement, marketing, and publishing of the port. DDCF celebrates to be a part of this major gateway of Qatar.

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