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Law For Humanity

Law for Humanity

Koray Demir tells Anadolu Agency he made ‘Law for Humanity’ to highlight: ‘words cut more than swords’

A Turkish director stressed the necessity of the rule of law Friday in a short film on last month’s terror attack in New Zealand against two mosques.

Koray Demir pinpointed the Christchurch attack where at least least 50 Muslims, including four children, were killed by Australian-born terrorist Brenton Tarrant's rifle by shattering the weapon to pieces after being shot by a pen.

Demir told Anadolu Agency he made “Law for Humanity -- New Zealand Attack” to slam the attack and highlight: "Words cut more than swords."

He said he gathered the crew to voice their feelings about the film on the "brutal" terror attack and everyone needs the law -- it's impossible to live together unless it is protected.

"So in this film we mentioned Charter of Medina, Magna Carta, United States Declaration of Independence and Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- the documents symbolizing the basis of living together," Demir said and urged users believing in the rule of law to sharing his film on social media to promote awareness.

"Law for humanity will win. It has to,” is seen at the end of the one minute, 26 second film. “For the immortal memory of the victims of Christchurch and Great People of New Zealand. From your Muslim friends. Protect the law for humanity."

This film has been published in Turkish, English and Arabic and can be found on social media.

Source:Anadolu Agency

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