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The Legacy of the Turkish Deep State

“The Deep State”, is a well known notion in Turkey, irritating almost every individual who hears the term. It refers to a secret organization remained from the late decades of the Ottoman Empire and still active and operative in today’s contemporary Republic of Turkey. A better understanding of the term can be found in its Latin roots; “imperium in imperio” (the state within the state); an internal organ of the state that does not respond to the civilian leadership. We are aiming here in our documentary series “Legacy of the Turkish Deep State”, to uncover the mystery of this organization and try to identify its branches and mechanisms in a historical and analytical perspective.

In 1875, Sultan Abdulaziz declared that he stopped paying external debts. Following this act, the crisis which is named, “the Eastern Problem” by the European States turned into a big conspiracy which is called “the Thessalonica Incident” in May 1876. “The Thessalonica Incident”, triggered a series of facts starting with the coup d’etat which resulted with Abdulaziz’s overthrown and being murdered, enthroning the first mason Sultan, armed raid of the cabinet and “93 War” against Russia, which broke the last independent Islamic power in the Balkans.

As Sultan Abdulhamid seized his power in the state, history was pointing that the first round is over following the Yıldız Trials where all puschists (coup members) were judged in the first civil court of the Islamic Geography, observed by over a 400 people and directed by 16 judges including some Christians.

Deep State came out more organized and refreshed for the second round against Sultan Abdulhamid’s all efforts, to control them using his intelligence service since 1881 to 1908.

However, this time no one could stop them, and in 10 years, a chain of disasters occurred causing 3 million to die, 4 million to migrate and countless children and women to perish.

The Empire entered the war; the capital city was invaded by the British forces, the new government bowed before the imperialist powers and soon after, a 600 years old empire collapsed. The Deep State didn’t disappear even after this disaster. In all parts of the Independence war they set up new conspiracies and in the early years of the new republic, they were on the stage again with many activities including assassinations, provocations and riots. In 1950, in the transition period to democracy, they again changed their stance and performed coups, assassinations and secret operations. And after 2002 elections, as Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the prime minister, the third round began. Since that moment, these secret societies had plotted underground actions adopting their politics to the new era. But as Recep Tayyip Erdogan started a raid on the remnants of the deep state, they started to lose power very fast, and here we are witnessing to this moment, in the final round of a historical battle.

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